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"Congratulations to Hotline Miami - Eurogamer's Game of the Showfor Rezzed 2012!
Expect loads of people (including us) to rave about Hotline Miami in the months to come!"

"This steely-eyed, hyper-speed, entirely unforgiving, GTA-as-puzzle/Hitman-as-suicidal-psychopath work of bloody art stood out a mile even at a show already full of wonders."
-Rock Paper Shotgun

"Itís the game that Rockstar think theyíre making, but never quite pull off."
-Graham Smith (PC Gamer UK)

"Everyone I spoke to at Rezzed about this game got a slightly dreamy, obsessed look in their faces whilst talking about it, like they were recalling a particularly good acid trip."
-Cara Ellison

"The swift, brutal pleasures Hotline Miami offers are honestly unlike any Iíve experienced in videogames before. Hotline Miami is so clearly and simply brilliant, so obviously fun, that I canít help but wonder why itís taken us this long to see a game like this."
-Anthony Burch (Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'?)

"Hotline Miami is the kind of risque, crazy and dangerous game that the developers at Rockstar believe that theyíve been making since Grand Theft Auto 3, but in comparison theyíve been releasing the Disney Channel equivalent. That is not hyperbole, that is just cold, hard facts."
-Dave Walsh (Explosion.com)

"Hotline Miami might be one of the most caustic games Iíve ever played. It doesnít stop. Itís incredibly addictive. Even walking into a room and getting your intestines scattered across some poor suckerís waterbed is less frustrating than it is enticing. The action is instant. The rewarding feeling is incredible.

You. Buy this game when it comes out. Play this game when it comes out. Itís all kinds of dynamite."
-Johnny Malone (Blistered Thumbs)

"The game would be impressive simply due to its design, aesthetic, and execution, but the extra level of story and uncertainty surrounding the action elevates the project to something truly special."
-Ben Kuchera (Penny Arcade Report)

"Hotline Miami is a game carved out so indelibly in its own style that it demands attention.

Hotline Miami was one of my games of the show. As soon as you get your hands on it, youíll see why too."
-John-Paul Jones (The Gaming Vault)

"At Eurogamer Expo I actually had to be dragged away from the game as I really didnít want to stop playing. Whilst there was a variety of fantastic AAA software on show at EGXP that eclipse the production values and scope of Hotline Miami, there were none that were quite as much fun."
-Francois (Total Revue)

"It's the coolest I've felt playing a video game in a long time, and I can't wait to see how the whole (twisting yet coherent) story plays out."
-Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku)

"Within a minute I was painting bloody scenes of my own, the thumping music driving me forward. I crushed the skull of one enemy with a bat, then whirled around to toss the bat at a second. The blow knocked him down and his knife flew from his hand. I used the knife to cut down a third assailant before returning to the second and finishing him off."
-Richard Mitchell (Joystiq)

"Hotline Miami is a top down, ultra-pixelated, ultra-violent, ultra-stylish brawler that requires precision and skill, and it is so much more than that description can ever approach. Thereís an electric thrill that runs down my spine when I play.

Hotline Miami is going to be this yearís Indie Smash."
-Richard Mitchell (PCGamesN)

"Hotline Miami was my favourite game at Rezzed. In fact, perhaps Earth."
-Kieron Gillen

"Level 4 is not the hardest level of Dennatonís neon-hued orgy of sado-masochistic violence, and RPSí official Best In Show at Rezzed, Hotline Miami. Oh, not by a long shot. Itís just the one that, once I finally beat it, made me feel like a god. I had a plan. I made that plan work."
-Alec Meer (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

"Hotline Miami may seem like a simple game when watching someone else playing it, but you truly have to experience the carnage for yourself. It is the perfect blend of art, music, gameplay and difficulty, surrounded by a shocking violence that drives the story along. It's almost to a point where the violence becomes a character of it's own, and that my friends is something unheard of modern games."
-Stephen Heller (MMGN)

"I can safely say that I had no idea quite how much fun violent murder can be until I played Hotline Miami at Gamescom."
-Ben Hallett (D22 Zone)

"Itís the distinct feeling of urgency, this compulsion to do things quickly with ugly finesse that turns Hotline Miami from a frantic curio in to a manic treasure trove of barbaric entertainment."
-Harry Bandell (One Hit Pixel)

"I have played this & this is dope."
-Brandon Boyer

"People wonít like Hotline Miami Ė theyíll love it!"
-Mike (Slim Gamer)

"Despite having some fierce competition, Hotline Miami was probably the surprise hit of the Rezzed PC and indie games expo held this past weekend. In my experience there was no other title on the show floor that inspired more audible sounds of suspense and laughter from its large crowds of viewers."
-James Day (Strategy Informer)

"It's hard to pinpoint when Hotline Miami really got its hooks in me. Was it the way the infectious soundtrack nails the whole 80s vibe? The brutal, pixelated violence? Or was it the unique narrative approach in which an answering machine tells my "hero" what to do?
It's been hard to pull myself away from playing this preview build, and I hope the final version isn't too far off."
-Mike Nelson (Gamespy)

"The whole thing is incredibly tightly designed, and held together by an aesthetic that not only works in the gamesí favour, but accentuates each kill and death by depicting it in the most garish, lurid palette possible. The music is rather brilliant too, as you can hear from the gameplay trailers.

Thereís been a lot of hype surrounding Hotline Miami, with it already winning Ďbest of showí and Ďaudience favouriteí awards at trade-shows. Now that Iíve had a chance to play it, I can see why people are so excited."
-Dominic Tarason (Indie Game Mag)

"Hotline Miami is a strange game but, unlike its creator's past projects, itís a focused, narratively driven game where all the obscure elements continually build a bizarre, twisted world and fun game."
-Allistair Pinsof (Destructoid)

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