Genre: Mixed - Rating: On Fire

If you're looking to get into the games on the site, here's a good place to start. This 45 meg collection offers the very best of the games currently available on the site. With no less than 17 games of genres ranging from shoot em ups and platformers to adventure games and first person shooters.

Burn the trash, Clean Asia!, Fractal Fighter, Fuck Space, God Came to the Cave, Illegal Communication, Minubeat, Mondo Agency, Mondo Mecials, MSOIDS, Protoganda, Psychosomnium, Retro II, Seizuredome, Shotgun Ninja, The Design and xWUNG.

Created: Feb 15 2008 - Development time: Unknown - Music by V/A

Genre: Mixed - Rating: On Fire

If you're looking to get into the games on the site, here's another good place to start. This collection offers some of the very best of the games currently available on the site. With no less than 19 games of genres ranging from shoot em ups and platformers to adventure games and first person shooters.

ad nauseam 2, blockon, evac, gamma 4, krebswelte, kryzta, norrland, ping pong, precision, protoganda II, retro 4, silent chain, space fuck, stallions in america, stench mechanics, this is infinity, ultra mission, xoldiers

Created: Aug 13 2010 - Development time: Unknown - Music by V/A

Genre: Mixed - Rating: Hot
An interactive music video for Fucking Werewolf Asso with graphics by Dennis Wedin.
Created: Oct 18 2011 - Development time: 3 weeks - Music by FWA

Genre: Racing - Rating: Lukewarm
Strip your clothes of, get down on all four and let's race. Hot Throttle is a game that lets you live out your dreams of becoming an automobile.

Made for AdultSwim.

Created: Feb 04 2011 - Development time: 5 months - Music by

Genre: Simulation - Rating: Cold
An accurate represantation of what it's like participating in Nordic Game Jam.

Made at Nordic Game Jam.

Created: Feb 11 2011 - Development time: 1 days - Music by

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Lukewarm
Your daddy commands you to infiltrate and wipe out a sinister league of dope dealers in this short strategic arcade platformer.
Created: Oct 23 2010 - Development time: 1 days - Music by

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Hot
Futuristic variation of snake with spaced out and kaleidoscopic visuals.

Created for Kokoromi's one button Gamma 4 event at GDC.

Created: Aug 13 2010 - Development time: 3 days - Music by

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Warm
Ultra Mission is a puzzle arcade game where you blow up walls to create a route for yourself to pass through. Kill all hostiles and save the hostages.
Created: Jul 07 2010 - Development time: 3 days - Music by Android

Genre: Unknown - Rating: Hot
Experience life in the northern parts of Sweden. Pick up your rifle, some beer and your fishing pole. Go on a sobering hunting trip, kill lots of animals and enjoy nature to its full extent.

Created for an art exhibit at Kulturhuset in Sollefteå.

Created: Jun 20 2010 - Development time: 14 days - Music by

Genre: First Person Puzzle - Rating: Warm
This Is Infinity is an attempt at making a game that feels like an alien experience by presenting the player with graphical repersentations and game rules that need some time to be properly deciphered.
Created: Dec 14 2009 - Development time: 4 hrs - Music by

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Lukewarm
More of a social experiment than a game. Me and Arthur Lee decided to make a game where players would have experiences that differed from each other's and hopefully generate a discussion about various parts of the game.

Results are here. This version is castrated.

Created: Jun 14 2009 - Development time: 4 hrs - Music by

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Lukewarm
Get out of a burning building alive. Short platformer made as a part of a workshop I held at HKU.
Created: Jun 14 2009 - Development time: 4 hrs - Music by

Genre: Sports - Rating: Hot
Play a hyper realistic game of ping pong. Battle the four champs or a friend in this minimalistic sports game.
Created: Feb 27 2009 - Development time: 7 days - Music by

Genre: Action - Rating: Cold
As the man in the hat you take up arms to defeat hordes of the undead, vampire dogs and faceless Collussi, all to find the treasure hidden in the ghastly forrest.

Featuring unique graphics and atmospheric music, this game is quite interesting to look at.

However, it was made as a last minute entry for a competition with a theme I couldn't quite get a good grasp of, and hence turned out pretty bland.
Created: Nov 28 2008 - Development time: 1 day - Music by

Genre: Action - Rating: Warm
Are you ready to go to war, people? Get yourself set on killing and destroying everything in your way to reach and wipe out the enemy's castles. Steer a battallion of troopers, dodge, shoot and throw grenades at anything that moves.

Comes with a level editor and an online highscores and a database of user generated content.

A collaboration with Terry
Created: Nov 13 2008 - Development time: 4 days - Music by

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Cold
Deep/Wing/Break is a new atmospheric arena shooter by Kvalsternacka and me, where players must protect the small dot being carried by a winged creature from enemy projectiles for as long as they can.

Use the W, A, S and D keys to move, or hold the left mouse button to shoot. Press the enter key to start a game from the main menu. As usual, an automatic online high score submission feature is included.
Created: Jul 24 2008 - Development time: 2 days - Music by

Genre: Action - Rating: Lukewarm
Have you ever wanted to go on a killing spree throughout all the states in America? Now you can!

Play as either Mitch, Hobey, Newman or Cody, and prepare to blow up everything in your way.

The game isn't very rich in content, as it was created for a three hour competition.
Created: Jul 24 2008 - Development time: 4 hours - Music by 

Genre: Adventure - Rating: Hot
Stench Mechanics is a short science fiction adventure created during No More Sweden (a swedish gaming jam).

It features a short and suspenseful storyline onboard a space ship fueled by a smelly pink gas. There are three different endings depending on some choices you make, and the game features both sex and violence. Therefore it might not be recommendable for younger players.
Created: Jun 30 2008 - Development time: 1 day - Music by goto8o/HT

Genre: Shoot 'em up - Rating: Lukewarm
This is a very simple arcade game with minimalistic graphics and gameplay, featuring a hypnotizing visual style and relaxing music.

It's not one of my better games, but might be a good way to kill a few minutes.
Created: Jun 23 2008 - Development time: 2 days - Music by

Genre: Art game - Rating: Cold
Life is a race is a short art game made for a small competition. It's very simple to play and doesn't carry any deep message.

It's more of a comment on how people constantly seem to want time to fly by, seemingly rushing to their own end.
Created: Jun 20 2008 - Development time: 2 hours - Music by 

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Lukewarm
In this game you take the role of both level designer and player. Each level has a set number of objects to collect and you must first design a level which allows you to collect them all, as well as reach the doorway to the next level.

To make things challenging enemies and obstacles are randomly placed on the level you create, which might complicate things for you.
Created: Jun 12 2008 - Development time: 4 hours - Music by 

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Warm
Precision is a game about sprinting, jumping and collecting bottles mysteriously placed on rooftops. It's an exercise in frustration, trial & error and memmorizing levels.

Interesting features include a background that reacts to the music and the possibillity to jump between day and night.

Created: May 16 2008 - Development time: 1 week - Music by 

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Lukewarm

How do you defeat an army of attacking enemies without any default means of attacking them? You have them shoot each other. 

In Kryzta the player must rely on cleaver maneuvering to rack up a good highscore. The enemies leave points which has to be assimilated when destroyed. However, collecting points makes the player grow and become an easier target.

Created: May 13 2008 - Development time: 5 hours - Music by John Marwin

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Lukewarm
First there was Fuck Space! now there's also Space Fuck! An erotic space adventure with a deep moral message.

The gameplay isn't very involving, but considering the game was made for a three hour competition it turned out pretty well.

Contains mild sexual content, so the game is perhaps not very suitable to children.
Created: Apr 07 2008 - Development time: 4hrs - Music by goto8o

Genre: Shoot 'em up - Rating: Warm

This game is not your typical shoot 'em up. There's really no room for bullet dodging here, just blow everything up before it hits you. The game has some very nice explosions.

The game features some slightly obscene imagery, so if you're a bit easily offended, don't play the game. Nothing too bad, just maybe not suitable for kids.

Created: Apr 15 2008 - Development time: 2 weeks - Music by goto8o/HT

Genre: Shoot 'em up - Rating: Lukewarm

A decent little shoot em up. A retrofied version of Protoganda: Strings basically.

Created: Feb 1 2008 - Development time: 4 hrs - Music by goto8o/HT

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Hot

A fun little ninja game. Use your skills to maneuver a grand fortress to get back at your accountant for robbing you of your pride and money. See the readme for controls and more details.

Created: Jan 29 2008 - Development time: 2 days - Music by goto8o/HT

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Warm

This is a game that works kind of like Sumo wrestling, except you have a gun. Don't let the swarm of enemies push you against the edges of the ring or you will die! Kill them for score, combo kills for bonus scores. Five power-ups and two special weapon pick-ups.

Created: Jan 16 2008 - Development time: 2 days - Music by Aaron Kurtz

Genre: Adventure - Rating: Hot

Psychosomnium is a small platform experiment that deals with illogical puzzles and dreamlike scenarios. It's hard to describe without ruining it's charm so give it a try and see for yourself if you are clever enough to get past the obscure puzzles.

Please note that the game is not a prank and that there's a point where the game reaches a real end. Sort of. So don't give up!

Created: Jan 04 2008 - Development time: 3 days - Music by Zabutom

Genre: Adventure/FPS - Rating: Hot

You are AGENT-65386. Your superiors believe that someone is plotting to kill the president, but they have no idea who or why. And for some reason, the president seems vital to the world's very existance. It's your task to find out who it is that seeks to destroy everyone so that you can save the world from it's pending doom.

Mondo Agency is a sequel to Mondo Medicals. Features pixel artwork by Cow and music by Aaron Kurtz.

Created: Dec 23 2007 - Development time: 7 days - Music by Aaron Kurtz

Genre: Shmup - Rating: Hot

Minubeat is a tiny rythm shmup. There's a "beat" in the background and pressing X or C in sync with it will allow you to release homing bombs and delete all enemy projectiles from the screen. You can also shoot nomrally with Z.

There is a one minute time limit, so you must fight your way to the boss and beat it within sixty seconds.

Created: Nov 06 2007 - Development time: 1 day

Genre: Shmup - Rating: Hot

This game's graphics were inspired by old movies with special effects made without the use of computers. The gameplay is a fairly straight boss fight flare, with a focus on time, rather than lives.

You start out with three minutes playtime. Defeating a boss gives you an extra fifteen seconds. Being killed deducts forty. If the timer reaches zero, you die. There are two different gameplay modes, "absorb" and "shield".

Created: Oct 25 2007 - Development time: 4 weeks - Music by: John Marwin

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Warm

What do you get if you combine a MS Paint doodle with a nifty vector engine and throw on a mouse controlled Asteroids variation? Something wonderful, for sure.
Use space to generate new colours, move with WASD and shoot with the mouse. Simple as that. Make sure to extract the game to a separate folder!

Created: Oct 5 2007 - Development time: 4 hrs - Music by: ExcelioN

Genre: Puzzle/FPS - Rating: Hot

This game could be described as an illogical puzzle game played from a first person view, with plenty of bizarre elements. And it's downright evil. Most of the levels are designed to confuse you, and the solutions aren't always that easy to figure out.

Move around with the arrow keys and press Z to interact with stuff (There are in game instructions, but they might not be that easy to interpret). There are eight levels total, good luck beating them all!

Created: Sep 13 2007 - Development time: 72 hrs

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Warm

This game is kind of a semi-shmup. The only thing keeping it from being a full blown one is that you can't actually shoot... You play by moving the mouse to swing a ball. The ball's attached to a "wire", and both of 'em kill enemies on contact. Be careful of the debris as it's deadly. There are bosses that appear with regular intervals. Make large combos to get good scores!

Created: Aug 18 2007 - Development time: 24 hrs - Music by John Marwin

Genre: Shmup - Rating: Hot

Your ship is equipped with extremely destructive weapons, but as usual the enemies are no easy targets either. Hold the Z key for a standard beam, or press the X key to clear bullets caught in your blue beam's path. Use both keys together for a special attack which causes massive damage, but use it with care as this weapon tends to overcraft and may destroy your craft altogether. An online high score submission feature is included, and you can press C to play with an alternative ship.

Created: Jul 25 2007 - Development time: 36 hrs - Music by Dawn

Genre: Shmup - Rating: Hot
The game's your average stylish bossfight bullet hell shmup, with a scoring system that puts focus on combos. It's a fairly gentle one, with a rather friendly start for the beginners, although it gets a bit difficult at the last few bosses (there are ten in total, as well as the optional randomly generated bosses). The player is allowed to choose how many lives he'll have, but the scoring will drop the more lives you select.

The controls are generally pretty simple. Use Z to fire your machine guns, and X to shoot a laser that goes through anything, but has a lower damage/fire rate. You can also use C to find nearest hostile unit of the enemy's current active weapon layer. There is a trick to this though, if you align with the crosshair that shows up and press C again when you hear a little beep, you'll shoot out a few homing missiles. Enter and arrow keys to navigate the menu and to move the ship.
Created: Jun 19 2007 - Development time: 36 hrs - Music by John Marwin

Genre: Shmup - Rating: On fire

The eyes of mankind has decided to leave their hosts and take over the earth. Their first move was to escape to the moon, where they developed their hostile weapon technology. Ten years later they return and forcefully take over some prominent countries in Asia. Thailand and New Korea has both succumb to the hostile threat, while China insists on dealing with the eyes themselves and refuses any helping hands from around the world.

America sends a pair of pilot twins with extroardinary sixth senses to battle against the evil eyes. They both have designed their own space ships that seems to be about the only thing in existance that can be used to battle these terrible fiends.

There are two different pilots to choose from in Clean Asia!, and they both have their own ways of handling hostiles. The first pilot is the choice best suited for people with skills, while the second one is more suitable for beginners.

The first pilot uses a thrust move to destroy pieces of the enemy. These pieces shatter when destroyed, and the shatters can be sucked towards the player, to later be tossed at the next piece of the enemy. The thrust move makes the ship invulnerable during the burst. This makes it ideal for flying through bullets if you're caught in a pinch. Finally, some enemies carry weapons that they drop when shot, pilot one can pick these up and use them against the enemy.

The second pilot is more like a standard shoot 'em up ship. It has unlimited amounts of ammunition, but the strength of the bullets can be upgraded by collecting enemy debris. The ship comes with a charge feature that can fire a deadly burst, but it immobilizes the player while charging, which makes it a gamble to use in some situations. When you have reached a debris count of two hundred or more, you can also release a huge energy blast, that will deal some great damage in all directions. There's also a very handy shield that you can use if you get into a tough situation. This shield drains your debris pretty fast, though, so be careful to pick the right situations to use it.

You can select what stage to play on the map screen. All stages are slightly different from each other, both in appearance and enemy behaviour. You must complete all stages in a row to beat the game.

Clean Asia! was designed for (and won) the Autofire 2007 competition at, it has three levels and two selectable ships (with distinct controlling differencies and weapons/abillities), fourteen bosses and around ten regular enemies.

Created: Feb 1 2007 - Development time: 2 months - Music by John Marwin

Genre: Arena Shmup - Rating: Hot
This game is an unusual gaming experience, yet more normal than it seems. It's a 2D shooter with some unique quirks. The graphics are simplified and stylish, and makes the game look a bit confusing. The controls make the game even more confusing (before you get used to them, that is).

You control two dots on a design, which can shoot at the angle from one to the other. New figures on the design appears and you earn points by removing them. This is what the shooting is for. Note that the enemies can only be killed while they're white. If you shoot an enemy while it's red, the bullet will turn against you. Aside from the normal shooting, you also have three upgrades that'll help you with getting a highscore.
Created: Dec 31 2006 - Development time: 72 hrs - Music by John Marwin

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Cold

You have to keep the main character inside a marked square or lose the game. Point and left click with the mouse to shoot. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move the protagonist around.

Round objects will appear and attempt to knock you off the edge. Unlockable weapons for high scores.

Created: Nov 29 2006 - Development time: 72 hrs - No music

Genre: Shmup - Rating: Lukewarm

You were on your honeymoon trip with your hot new wife, when a meteor struck her dead. Enraged by sorrow you turn your car into a space ship and venture into space to get revenge on everything you can find.
This is a stylish 2D vertical scrolling shooter. It's got a pretty unique visual style, in that all the graphics are built from small cubes with black outlines. The gameplay is typical for the genre. Blast lots of different aliens and space ships to smitherines. After a while bosses appear, and you get upgrades to tackle the mounting difficulty.

Arrow keys to move, and Z to shoot!

Created: Nov 18 2006 - Development time: 100 hrs - Music by 4mat

Genre: Platformer - Rating: Warm
You are a yellow ninja monkey who's been caught by an evil doctor. What's even worse is that the b*stard's taken your girlfriend away. However, the doctor failed to notice your secret weapon, a red lethal ninja jo-jo. Find your way through the evil doctor's maze and get your girlfriend back!

Move with arrow keys, jump with X, throw Jo-Jo with Z + arrow key and switch between characters with C.
Created: Nov 11 2006 - Development time: 24 hrs - Music by Anak

Genre: Adventure - Rating: Warm

A weird little game. It's not very long, and not very meaningful, but hopefully highly enjoyable. Give it a try if you like adventure games.

Created: Oct 20 2006 - Development time: 24 hrs - Music by cactus

Genre: Adventure - Rating: Lukewarm
You are a spirit locked in a cave between life and afterlife. You've decided to help other lost spirits. It's a mix between an exploration and adventure game. It's pretty nice and cosy.
Created: Sept 10 2006 - Development time: 7 hrs - Music by PaleDeth

Genre: Adventure - Rating: Lukewarm
A small adventure game, where you will try to save your brother from a tricky situation.
Created: Aug 17 2006 - Development time: 7 hrs - Music by 4mat

Genre: Adventure - Rating: Hot
A description would be going against the concept of this game. You have to figure everything out on your own, even the controls ( although you only use the mouse ). How to make progress is up to you to discover!
Created: Jul 11 2006 - Development Time: 1 month - Music by Gidorah

Genre: Crap - Rating: Cold

Tedfuzz has lost his bananas and he's hellbent on getting his 'nanas back. To his aid he has Tarry (aka Stevenup7002) and his monkey friends. But who's the mystery banana thief? Play the game to the end, to find out!

The game was made as a joke about Tedfuzz. A kid who got himself into trouble by acting stupid and trying to sell Mark Overmars' Game Maker as his own creation. He also got into trouble with Nintendo for selling ripped Mario Soundtracks. So he started promoting his own toy called "Tedfuzz", which was a green monkey.

Created: Jul 2 2006 - Development Time: 12 hrs - Music by cactus

Genre: Crap - Rating: Freezing

You are a member of the Iga clan, and boy are you having a bad day! It turns out the bird flu has reached the sanctuary of the fallen Iga warriors, and the infected ninja angels has started to drop out of the sky like rotten tomatoes. As a true Ninja you take it upon yourself to save the day by doing your best to contain the infectious virus. To your aid you have the trustworthy old homing ninja missiles! Now blow those angels up before they reach the ground!

As a twist to make the game more interesting, you cannot control the brave ninja warrior freely. You must type commands for him to act the way you want him to.

The commands are:
-"Left", "Right" and "Stop" for movement
-"Missiles X" to send out X missiles (replace "X" with number)
Created: Apr 2 2006 - Development Time: 12 hrs - Music by Estrayk

Genre: Shmup - Rating: Lukewarm
There are three types of enemies; squares, triangles and crosses. The bullets does no harm to the crosses unless you've got the homing bullets power up. The other enemies go down with eight shots or so... The bombs are a bit hard to control, and if they hit you they get absorbed by your vessel (unless you have the multibomb power up), but you can get them to orbit around you with a bit of maneuvering.

Your vessel has an unlimited amount of bullets, but firing them drains energy. However, your energy is recharged automatically when you top firing. Your energy capacity can also be upgraded by picking up upgrades (the ones that look like 'U's with a cricle. When you reach upgrade level four, you shoot twice as many bullets and can have twice as many bombs on the screen simultaneously. When you reach level 11 or 12 you shoot thrice as many bullets, and can have 22 bombs on the screen at the same time. After that the upgrades serve to increase your energy capacity and refuels your energy.

There are also four power ups; laser, multibomb, homing bullets and slow motion. The powerups look like 'P's.

Mouse - Left click=Shoot, Righ click=Bomb
Keyboard - Z=shoot, X=bomb, Arrows=Movement
Created: Jan 30 2006 - Development time: ? - Music by 4mat, Pekka K and Emax

Genre: Misc - Rating: Lukewarm
Generate random "plants". Kind of like an interactive screensaver. You can't really do anything with it, but it is kinda pretty.
Created: Jan 6 2006 - Development time: 48 hrs - No music

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Cold
This game is pretty much like a fast paced, mouse controlled version of asteroids. You move your ship around the screen using your mouse and blow up comets to get a highscore.
Created: Nov 14 2005 - Development time: 24 hrs - Music by ??

Genre: Arcade - Rating: Lukewarm
Insect Invade is a two-dimensional shooter where you are a drunken man trying to defend himself from the invading insects. Of course, these bugs will not give up easily, they will hunt you down!
Created: Apr 4 2005 - Development Time: 2 weeks - Music by cactus